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Design and Construction

   The Company continually expands its business. Presently it increases the number of services provided in the area of design and construction.
  The entire design cycle for residential and economic buildings, their fixation to the locality and the infrastructure, modern design, construction of cottages and country houses according to the state-of-the-art projects, repair services, replanning and restoration of buildings, apartments and offices according to modern technologies, other types of design and construction work this is just the short list of services provided by the Company in the area of design and construction.
   Within the last years the Company has developed the number of projects on design and construction of different objects, including hydroengineering installations, raid transshipping complexes, refueling station in Thule (far North), production and warehouse complexes in St. Petersburg; residential constructions including cottages in St. Petersburg and Pskov regions, reconstruction of garret rooms in St. Petersburg.
Qualified designers and builders. These specialists provide design, assembling, commissioning of engineering services and warranty and post-warranty services.
   Prior to the design stage of the largest construction objects ecological audit and ecological feasibility were performed aimed to organize public hearings and to meet the requirements of the State Environmental Expertise. This allowed the Company to reduce the customers’ environmental costs and to establish the optimal relations with the state supervisory authorities.

   We order most equipment directly from the vendors – our business partners. This allows the Company to guarantee the reliability of the equipment, and our clients save much.
The Company is the licensee to the complete list of licenses according to the legislation of the Russian

Federation related to:

  • Design and construction of buildings of the 1st and 2nd levels of responsibility according to the State standard No. GS-2-78-02-22-0-4703062569-002145-1.

  • Design and construction of buildings of the 1st and 2nd levels of responsibility according to the State standard No. GS-2-781-02-26-0-4703062569-002161-1(including marine constructions and oil and gas trade constructions).