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Auxiliary Marine Services

The Company (NTS) provides port services in the regions of the Far North:

  1. Providing sections of water area licensed to locate raid transshipping complexes.

  2. Providing oil and petroleum handling services at licensed and other sections of water area on the way of the Northern Sea way.

  3. Providing surveyor services on the quality and quantity of transshipped oil.

  4. Providing services on environmental safety; localization and liquidation of emergency outflows within the process of mineral oil raid and mooring transshipping.

  5. Providing forwarding services related to acceptance, storage, processing, transshipment and transportation of oil.

  6. Agency services for sea crafts and river boats.

  7. Ships towage.

  8. Providing services by port marine.

  9. Other auxiliary services related to handling provided at raid transshipping complexes and
    The Company provides the implementation of the following projects:
    The construction of the season raid anchorage for mineral oil transportation, storage and pumping on the licensed territory of the Tiksi bight;
    The construction and operation of the Raid Complex for oil transshipping on the licensed territory of the Gulf of Ob;
    The Company takes part in the construction of refueling stations on the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia);
    The Company takes part in the Northern delivery of oil products to the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), to Chukotka and the Novaya Zemlya according to the State order.

   The main strategic goal of the Company is investments in innovative technologies. Priority innovative developments belong to the area of oil transshipping intensification technologies, implementation of modern methods and means of surveyor services provision and in provision of environmental safety during handling operations.